Hello everyone,


Thank you very much for having interest in to the Gerson Therapy.

The Gerson Therapy was originally invented by Dr.Max Gerson(1881-1959) and is still developed by certified Gerson Practitioners in the world.


This is a kind of natural/dietary/nutritional/metabolic therapy for people have any symptoms or disease. He was enshrined in the Hall of Fame of The Orthomolecular Medicine in 2005, too.


This knowledge and skills are very worthwhile for every people who want to do self-maintenance at home and get good quality of health.

So you are very welcome one.


If you need any help to lean or do this therapy in Japan or in the other place, I will help you as the Gerson Ambassador/certified Gerson Home Set-up Trainer/Gerson Clinic companion in Japan.


I hope you get better quality of life through Dr.Gerson's wisdom.



Gerson Ambassador


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